Technology Integration

The Technology Integration (TechInt) group is charged with delivering new technologies into the Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) by identifying gaps in the system software and hardware stack and develop, harden, and deploy solutions. Their technology scope includes file and storage systems, system architecture, non-volatile memory, data management, high-performance networking, intelligent facility operations, and data analytics. TechInt staff work to design and procure the OLCF systems (Titan, Summit, Frontier, Spider, HPSS, and data analysis clusters), develop the infrastructure that supports these systems, and keep OLCF ahead of the technology curve. They research and evaluate emerging technologies in the aforementioned areas and provide the systems programming to seamlessly integrate technologies and tools into the infrastructure as they are adopted.

Meet the Team

Sarp Oral

Distinguished Scientist; Group Leader, Technology Integration

Scott Atchley

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Brim

R&D Staff Member

Christopher Brumgard

HPC Systems Engineer

Chad Effler

HPC Systems Scientist

Anjus George

HPC Systems Software Engineer

Mitch Griffith

Archival Storage Software Developer

Awais Khan

HPC Systems Scientist

Seongmin Kim

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jack Lange

Senior HPC Systems Scientist

Ross Miller

Systems Programmer

Richard Mohr

HPC Systems Engineer

Clara Nguyen

Edge Computing Software Engineer

Branislav Radovanovic

Sr. HPC Storage Systems Engineer

Amir Shehata

HPC Systems Engineer - Consultant

James Simmons

Systems Programmer

In-Saeng Suh

Sr HPC Quantum System Scientist

Vicky White

Senior HPSS Developer

Jessica Whitt

Administrative Assistant

Christopher Zimmer

HPC Systems Engineer

Group R&D Activities

High Performance Storage System (HPSS) is the result of over two decades of collaboration among five Department of…

Spectral is a transparently applied library for taking advantage of the Summit Burst Buffer architecture. Applications using per-process…

GUIDE is a framework used to collect, federate, and analyze log data from OLCF, and to derive insights…

Constellation is a digital object identifier (DOI) based science network for supercomputing data. Constellation makes it possible for…

This project will provide an important model for future exascale computing, increasing the coherence between the technology base…

The project involves analysis of the reliability characteristics of Titan’s 299,008 CPUs and 18,688 GPUs to understand trends…

Resource selection can have profound impacts on the performance and reliability of applications running on the supercomputer. On…

The Spider Lustre-based Parallel File System Development and Deployment: The OLCF has deployed multiple large-scale parallel file systems…

Spider PFS Metadata Snapshot Capture and Analysis: (i) LustreDU: The development a scalable tool to capture daily snapshots…

Data Jockey is a workflow aware data management service that helps users automate the orchestration of data movement…

The Accelerated Data Analytics and Computing Institute has been established to explore potential future collaboration among Oak Ridge…

This seminar series focuses on I/O and Data Sciences and Engineering research and development activities across the DOE…

As supercomputers grow more expensive, a more data-driven procurement strategy is needed to optimize the overall system performance…